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10 Responses to pinkyxxx

  1. D.Nickelz Da Tatt Man says:

    Just wanna be your Tatt Man you break some bread get at me let’s do business

  2. D.Nickelz Da Tatt Man says:

    What i meant was you know break some bread

  3. Jerome Lynch says:

    Hey Pinky,

    Nuff respect to you. You have made your money and that’s a fact. I also admire the fact that you openly admit that your past was colourful (too put it eloquently), and especially note your advice to young aspiring women to ‘do their research’ before getting into their game…

    Now it should not surprise you that the public also knows about the downside to porn. Persons like Shelley Lubben openly attest to that fact, as much as you Pinky are open and honest about some of the challenges people face in the porn industry (e.g. diseases etc…).

    In light all of the above, I have one question. Can you send out a short video, through a means of your choice (rap video, interview, blog vid etc..) which specifically deals with the topic on the challenges that young women have to prepare for when entering ‘the game’ or ‘the hustle’ as you call it?

    I ask this because I must say that you are quite a convincing speaker, as you deliver your points with an honesty that too many stars today have lost along their trip to stardom.

    Again, lots of respect to you; and let me know when you are ready to share a dedicated vid per my request. It might be the most powerful message you ever deliver.


  4. Young Gunner says:

    I do think ur the baddest bitch out here in the streets and love ur work, I ould love to get to meet u in person. I watch all yo movies be looking u up online and know alot of stuff about u if its possible can u emial me ur number ill give u mines so we can talk. That ould make my day, fuck that my life.

  5. Terew says:

    Please Pinky send me your snaps on ma email,thanks,great fan of urs

  6. Mac says:

    Ur the kinda girl who would turn me back to str8 if i were gay.Girl u got a fan in SA.

  7. mousab says:

    hi you.i exaited about sek my dek oh

  8. Jimmie Pettis says:

    Well hello to my favorite pornstar pinky. Pinky you already know that you everything a man can think of to give you a compliment. but i would like to kno how much do you charge for a session just me and you. it would be nice to see you in real person.

  9. De Guy Roland Kouamé says:

    I want to make a movie with you

  10. hussam says:

    i need u

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