Pinky The Pornstar

PinkyXXX is a very colorful figure in the African American adult entertainment world. From her signature hot pink/fire red hair and ever present tan lines on her booty, to her scandalous romantic linking to rapper Twister and a rumored pregnancy, or her ill received admission to radio personality, Wendy Williams that she had contracted STD’s during her career as a porn star, the fact remains that Pinky is one of the most successful and sought after adult entertainers in the game.

Born Sarah Mirabelli on June 24, 1982 in West Oakland, California, PinkyXXX has appeared in over 100 porn films since 2006 when she started at the tender age of 22. Through hard work and tenacity, she has risen to an impressive level of  success and popularity. In 2009 she won the coveted Urban X Award, garnering the title of Porn Star of the Year. She also took home awards for “Best Talent Website” and “Female Performer of the Year.” In 2010 she won the Urban X Awards 2010 again in the category of: “Best Three-way Sex Scene” in the film Nuttin’ Butt Pinky 3.

Pinky’s short 4’11 frame, packed with thick hips and phat ass, make her one of the most enticing black porn stars. Pinkyxxx attended a performing arts high school in Minnesota on a scholarship , where she studied ballet and played the violin. Voted “most likely to succeed by her graduating class, when Pinky forayed into the adult entertainment industry, forgoing college, needless to say, her parents were sorely disappointed.

She confessed to her father, who had been previously informed by his friends, that his daughter was taking her clothes off for money. However, when Pinky’s mother caught wind of her naughty behavior, accidentally stumbling across what Pinky referred to as her “hoe bag” (it’s contents included stripper shoes , vibrators, lube and condoms), she was so furious that she body slammed Pinky on to the floor and pummeled her until Pinky’s boyfriend intervened. Although she started out as a stripper, Pinkyxxx was unsatisfied with the amount of money she was making, and so she graduated into black porn as an independent act. To avoid a repeat beat down, Pinky promptly informed her mother of her decision before she began selling DVDs of her sex acts from the trunk of her car.

PinkyXXX nasty antics have made her a house hold name along with other sex kittens such as Superhead and Buffy the Body. From making it clap with Lil’ Wayne in the club, to suckin’ off one the biggest names in porn, Ron Jeremy, and doing threesomes with Ms. Cleo on camera, Pinkyxx has solidified her brand in adult entertainment. The Pinky obsession is prevalent in the archives of WorldStarHipHop. In addition to selling DVDs out the trunk, she sold them in clubs, and did features for other porn distribution companies.

Always on the look out for opportunities to expanding her empire, Pinky has begun pursuing a rap career. In April 2010 she released her first mixtape produced by DJ Scream entitled “Fuck You Pay Me”. While rap music is by no means a tame medium, mostly, it is not as explicit as adult entertainment, thus allowing Pinky’s mother to enjoy a piece of her daughters creativity.

Pinky’s father, who has been locked up since she was 17, watches plenty of porn in jail and is a huge fan of Cherokee D’ass. He told Pinky that although she’s featured in films with some of his favorite adult actresses, he fast forwards past her love scenes. It is very important to him that they maintain a relationship, and she has his blessing as long is porn is something she wants to do and not something someone else is forcing her do.

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36 Responses to Pinky The Pornstar

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  2. damien moody says:

    Yo pinky, I’m a huge fan and I seen every sex scene you did in pornos. Yo, who that big dick guy who’s bald and he was supposed 2 take you to the studio. But he fucked u at his crib. He look tupaciish.

  3. sterling says:

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  4. Swaag100 says:

    Pinky I am a personal fan and an admirer of your buisness savy and g mac persona. I love it. I am a male born with my mothers size and good looks but thankfully, along with my father’s blessed phalic.;) I study medicine presently in New York with an undergrade in psych. I have to say I may need to seek therapy because your always on my mind. just putting in One of your dvd’s will cause me to grab myself. I have no problems attracting women of all sizes, ages, and hieghts.. but i love lookn at you bannanna cream pie redbone horny self. My Mother is very picky about who I should marry but I would marry you bathe you in an ocean of feel goodness.

  5. charlie hustle says:

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  6. brittany says:

    Hi pinky i truely love u as an artist and i was wondering how does a female get into the bizness bc i want to pursue the same career and its no one better to follow than u can u help me?

  7. Young Gunner says:

    Hi there im a big fan of urs. I love how u talk u have a pretty ass smile looks like u can olay in movies and u should be a rapper and u r the baddest bitch alive to me and I would love to talk to u if possible can u give me ur number or I can gice u mines in email to email

  8. mike says:

    I love your phat ass pinky i would shure like to fuck the shit out of you “litterlly” and i would also like to put it in your ass cause damb baby fuck!!!!!!

  9. Damien williams says:

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  12. Ms.thang says:

    I am a big fan a pinky. i am a female not gay but i got to give it to her she is the shit . i anit going to lie if i could make money like her or even just dance like her that would cool. keep your head up pinky and fuck these hating ass bithches you are a winner.

  13. HAM says:

    Pinky you so dam fine, im from the town im going to find you and fuck the $hit out you.

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  15. francois says:

    pinky u are the bess porn star i ever seeing i just wan to said i love u so much an i hope u continus to meck me dreaming thank u again god bless u je t’aime aux fon de mon ceur mercie beaucou!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ms.badass says:

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  17. ms.badass says:

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  22. keron stewart says:

    how da hell u born in 1982 and in 2006 u 22

  23. Islandbwoi1 says:

    How u born in 1982 and in 2006 be 22

  24. frank says:

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  25. St.mike says:

    Much respect for you.sister it couldnt have been easy to get where at you are an inspiration for many who aspire to be financially independent

  26. anthony says:

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  27. Donell Badgett. says:

    What’s the ms? I e-mailed you and danelle dunn all of the time. Seen the recent vibe magazine article on porn. If the white women in porn want the black dollar, they need to hire black actors as there co-stars. My birthday is on august-15th. Don’t forget me?Tell my soul-mate cleo i asked about and holla at me. Either of you could keep in touch bye e-mailing me. Donell Badgett A.K.A. Don-Adonis from pgh,pa.

  28. tiki says:

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  29. slong dong says:

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  30. Love says:

    Pinky I just want to say job well done I enjoy every movie and I’m looking forward to my shot one day keep it up the world is your play ground

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  33. Arron says:

    Hi pinky,
    My husband ad I are big fans. I saw some of your early stiff and your booty as smaller then. Could you tell me how to get mine to grow like yours did in later films? I think you are a beautiful woman and enjoy your work.

    Your fans,
    Arron and Dee

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  35. parham says:

    vary love you pinky

  36. Joseph says:

    My Dear Wife to be Pinky

    I wish and prayed that I will get to know you more better for marriage.

    Yours truly


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