This site is about Pinky the Pornstar. It will be focused on her videos, articles, music, and news. There are links to other sites featuring Pinky’s exploits. She has made adult videos with Cherokee D’ass, Lacey Duvalle, The Body, Mz. B, and many other ebony adult entertainers.

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13 Responses to About

  1. romell says:

    i just want i love u and keep up the good work

  2. aquafina2230 says:

    i really adore ur work and talent…….and i wish u the best throughout ur career….inspire me n so many ways……. ur biggest fan…..xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  3. Bruno says:

    Dearest “Pinky”

    This to for the purpose of new series for your very succesfull venture.

    1-NiIkara give pussy first time oncam surrounded by “your girls” that would give their ass hoel first time on cam same “ceremony” (Thalia Tate-Maserati-Candace Von-Kandee likxx or who ever yu’l say) You’l be be delivering scolarships as expert authority or dean of ass accademy”

    2-Nikara and You only 2 are in scene you “help Nikara” and explain her how to get pussy pleasure, then You ask her to retren advise as anal expert

    Having discussed this project with some girl friends true lesbies & bi and some guys & girls in a swinger club & sex shop owners and web masters they all push me to contact neither You or Diane Devoe.

    I decide to give You first hand according to the great job you are doing in promoting girls with big asses, You have had an impact on many girls that where incomfortable with their “extra pounds” that you turned in extra $$$.

    Very best regard and congratulations


  4. dwaynepierre says:

    look i yo fan i like yo boudy yo bigass to sxe buck mad i 59 have callme13379401361

  5. Wuboy2012 says:

    fuck what every body says they ant nothing but haters keep getting money fuck the rest

  6. Wuboy2012 says:

    fuck what everybody says they ant nothing but haters keep getting money fuck the rest write back i would like to hear from you.

  7. 00Tony88 says:

    I luw wat u do but I’m trying get in the porn industry myself. How do I get started? My number is 443-669-7077, email at tonyworld68@yahoo.com

  8. leroy says:

    u bad ass

  9. leroy says:

    u bad ass pinky i js wanna fuck ya so bad

  10. Joseph byers says:

    Hello pinky I’m a big fan of yours love that ass of yours n your height just wanted to show my support to my favorite porn star

  11. Rob says:

    I cant beleave i fell over my sit. WoW i want to kiss you like you kiss in movies alone. look me in the eyes i want you like a new good tang . make it clap one.

  12. J says:

    Hit me up got video I shot for u @ club 901 in Memphis get @ me

  13. pimp-c says:

    love you baby.

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