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PinkyXXX and Cherokee D Ass Shake Their Big Buts

Pinkyxxx and Cherokee D Ass have a shake off with their BIG BUTS. Audio tracked is remixed by Boo Blades.

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Pinky the Porn Star Interview

Hip Hop Beef caught up with PinkyXXX at a porn convention. The more footage I see of this voluptuous diva, the more I am impressed by her. Not just her striking hair color or bodacious curves but her business savvy and unwavering professionalism.

She starts out the interview pulling out stacks of 20 dollar bills from her bag. “I have a question? Why is it that people think that because you’re popular you automatically rich?” She asks rhetorically as she continues to pull money from a travel sized duffel bag. “ Like do you realize it take intelligence and brain activity to be successful. Is this all that y’all like to see right here. “ As she slaps the fan of money down on the table showing off for the camera. “Now how can I turn these 20′s into hundreds?”

“You can book me at…” and she gives out her contact information. “Back to what I was sayin…” she takes a brief pause to gather her thoughts,  “Mothafuckas be thinking my website run itself or something, like money just fall out the air. I don’t just fuck for money know what im sayin? Like honestly, I prolly only shoot for my site like 3 or 4 times a month.  I guess because I’m in the porn industry, people just assume that all I do is fuck.” She continues to drive home her point, ” I’m like the least sexual person of everybody I know. Seriously, when the camera is on you’re gonna be more animated because people are watching and expecting it, but in my personal life I’m not that juicy or animated.” ,then  she giggles,  “Shit, I consider myself a lazy fuck in real life.”

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PinkyXXX and The Body Ass Shaking

PinkyXXX and The Body shake those sexy fat asses on worldstar hip hop!

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Pinky the Pornstar admits to having STD’s to Wendy Williams

PinkyXXX admits to having had contracted STD’s in her porn career. She also says that her boyfriend shoots her movies and that they have to have protected sex during the times when she is working (fucking)…lol. This bitch is candid as hell but I love how raw she is!!

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Pinky The Pornstar

PinkyXXX is a very colorful figure in the African American adult entertainment world. From her signature hot pink/fire red hair and ever present tan lines on her booty, to her scandalous romantic linking to rapper Twister and a rumored pregnancy, or her ill received admission to radio personality, Wendy Williams that she had contracted STD’s during her career as a porn star, the fact remains that Pinky is one of the most successful and sought after adult entertainers in the game.

Born Sarah Mirabelli on June 24, 1982 in West Oakland, California, PinkyXXX has appeared in over 100 porn films since 2006 when she started at the tender age of 22. Through hard work and tenacity, she has risen to an impressive level of  success and popularity. In 2009 she won the coveted Urban X Award, garnering the title of Porn Star of the Year. She also took home awards for “Best Talent Website” and “Female Performer of the Year.” In 2010 she won the Urban X Awards 2010 again in the category of: “Best Three-way Sex Scene” in the film Nuttin’ Butt Pinky 3.
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